Indirect Bonding

Save time and discomfort with Indirect bonding.

You may have heard that getting your braces on is a long and potentially uncomfortable appointment.  The patient has to keep their mouth open for long periods as they hold their tongue back and away from their teeth.  This is not the case with Indirect Bonding.

Indirect bonding is an advanced technique that allows Dr. Meehan to place your brackets all at once in a fraction of the time that it takes to place the brackets on your teeth individually (the traditional way).  Not only is the indirect method easier on the patient, but it also allows greater accuracy of bracket placement.  Bracket placement accuracy allows the teeth straightening process to occur more quickly therefore reducing treatment time.

An impression is taken of the patient’s mouth creating an exact duplicate of the teeth in the form of a plaster model.


The brackets are individually placed on the teeth of the plaster model in the exact positions they will need to be when placed in the mouth.


After the precise bracket placement, a custom transfer tray is created. This custom transfer tray maintains the brackets in their exact positions they were on the model so this can be duplicated in the mouth.


At the time of bonding, the teeth are coated with a specialized bonding liquid.


The teeth are now ready to receive the custom tray that holds the brackets allowing for all brackets to be placed simultaneously. After about three minutes of shining a bright blue curing light, the custom tray is now ready to be removed.


And just like that, all the brackets are fixed to the teeth in their precise positions. We are now ready to place the wires and start the teeth straightening process.


Congratulations! Indirect bonding is complete and onward to straightening your teeth.


Come and see for yourself what it's like to receive a more advanced, patient-friendly orthodontic experience.

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